Exclusive: Online daters risk being held ransom in possible cyber attack on Match.com

Match.com has suspended advertising on its UK site whilst investigating a malware issue that put singles looking for love at risk of theft of personal information and cyber ransom. The website,which boasts millions of users worldwide, would not confirm how many UK users or visitors it has to the site, however, it is believed it welcomes 27.3 million site visitors worldwide every month, according to SimilarWeb, and around seven percent (5.5 million) of these are based in the UK. Match.com was un

Did 'decade-old' legacy IT leave Ashley Madison open to hackers?

"Leaked" Ashley Madison documents reveal the existing security concerns at the hacked extra-marital affair website. Ashley Madison is a dating site for married users that wish to have an affair which boasts 40 million international users. The company, whose tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair,” is owned by owned by Avid Life Media, which is also responsible for Established Men, Swappernet (a swinger’s site) and The Big and the Beautiful (a site for larger singles). It appears that secur

Everything you need to know about deep learning

Scientists have fed an artificially intelligent system with Daily Mail articles so it can learn how natural language works. While it’s not quite HAL 9000, it’s a worrying thought for any left wing tecchies. This process, called deep learning, is old news. Researchers have been attempting to train algorithms since the 1970s but computational and data limitations slowed progress in the 1980s. Now deep learning is enjoying a renaissance. Interest in the field hit a peak when Google paid £400 mill

Can Twitter hand account access to UK government bodies?

Twitter complied with half of all the UK government’s requests to access users' accounts this year. The UK requested access to 299 accounts between January and June 2015. Twitter said that it had given access to personal information for 52 percent of these requests. The social network said the requests were made “typically” in connection with criminal investigations, and that affected users would be made aware of requests. However, if a government agency, like a police force, prohibits alertin

Car hacks: Are drivers in danger?

Car hacks are an acutely realistic threat, but are UK drivers at risk? We ask the experts with insider knowledge of the automotive and tech industry whether carmakers are investing in the right security, and whether recent reports can be written off as scaremongering. Two hackers took control of a Jeep last week in a demonstration for tech magazine Wired - the latest in a series of embarrassing showcases of vulnerabilities in various luxury brand’s models. Techworld recently revealed Jaguar La

The UK's privacy problem: John McAfee airs his thoughts on mass surveillance

“Next thing you know the world is after me. I’m on the run and then I’m in jail in Guatemala.” The peculiarity that John McAfee, once hero of the cyber security world, has been vilified in recent years is not lost on the antivirus founder. “There is a great deal of irony. My problem in Belize stems from the fact I was hacking into Belizean government computers, looking for proof that they were setting me up for a bribe. Instead I found the horrible proof of murder, and drug dealing, and human